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PUREMIX John Paterno Mixing Lifeboats TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE 音樂軟件
PUREMIX John Paterno Mixing Lifeboats TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE為Will Knox的歌曲“Lifeboats”打開了多軌道,旨在帶領大家從第一次聽到這首歌,到完成的強大和充滿活力的歌曲與他印上的標誌性聲音混合在一起。通過使用單首歌曲並使用不同的混音器解決它來的概念是一種完美的學習方式,內容包括使用模擬均衡器來犯的聲音,並增加額外的基調早在這個過程中,在鼓上使用單聲道延遲來增強軌道的隨機凹槽,清除可能分散注意力的點擊和彈出,並將聽眾拉出軌道等,他們從頭開始混合使用他們自己的工具,工作流程,最重要的是他們自己的聲音簽名。為了向您展示真實場景,我們沒有讓導師在會議之前聽到這首歌。他們的使命:在幾個小時內......在相機上提供專業的混音。沒有比這更好的方法來瞭解每個工程師的微妙動作,品味和決定如何產生完全不同的結果,而不是在相同條件下觀看它們在完全相同的歌曲上工作。

SYNTHiC4TE | July 11 2019 |

In Episode 5 of our Lifeboats Series, Grammy Award Winning Engineer, John Paterno, opens the multitrack for the Will Knox song, "Lifeboats", and takes us all the way from hearing the song for the first time, to a completed powerful and energetic mix with his signature sound imprinted upon it.

In this 3 hour tutorial, learn how John:

Uses Analog EQs to commit sounds and add extra tone early in the process
Uses Mono delay on the drums to enhance the shuffle groove of the track
Cleans up clicks and pops that can be distracting and pull the listener out of the track
Reamps the guitars using a Little Labs PCP box, an Otis amplifier, a Universal Audio OX and a Chandler LTD-1
Controls the balance of the drums in the overhead mics
Deals with the phase relationship between a Bass DI and Amp
Monitors in Mono to fine tune balance relationships

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